second report

This picture that i just posted truly shows me how passionate this photographer is about his work.The photographer of this picture name is patrick Zephyr.I love the way how he captured this picture and how he caught the sunset in the background.I also like the way he caught the water flowing back into the river.Patrick Zephyr is a nature photographer and his dream is to show others that the beauty and magic of the world is waiting to be explored in our backyard.Patrick also tells us that he sees what the camera sees.His hope is that in viewing his photos people will be inspired to explore and learn about the wild places around them and appreciate the beauty in the natural world that surrounds them in there everyday life.This shows how passionate he is about his photos. winterlight.jpg



first picture

gray-wolf-snow.jpg.adapt.945.1.jpgWelcome to my blog as you can see this blog is about photography.I will be posting outdoor pictures that will include animals, which will be updated daily.The pictures that i will be posting will bring joy and excitement.I made this blog to show how eager my love is for being a photographer.I will like to take this time and welcome everybody to my blog.